Be Kind To Yourself Live Workshop

Self Care Practices to Avoid Compassion Fatigue

Is your team feeling burnt out and struggling to understand why, especially if you're caregiving or high stress roles?

In this live workshop, our instructor guides you and your employees through a journey to learn methods on combatting compassion fatigue and avoiding burnout.

Participants will receive a physical or digital kit to go along with the workshop.

What causes Compassion Fatigue?
Compassion fatigue is a type of emotional and physical exhaustion that can occur in people who work in high-stress or caring professions.
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Be Kind To Yourself Live Workshop: Self Care Practices to Avoid Compassion Fatigue
*starting at $1400 plus travel expenses for in person events
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Setting boundaries and limits to protect your time and energy
Engaging in activities that nourish and recharge you
Seeking support from colleagues, supervisors, and other resources
Practicing mindfulness and self-compassion to improve emotional well-being
Managing your workload and time to reduce stress and prevent burnout
Renae M. Dupuis
Director of Healthy Humans
Renae Dupuis is a teacher and advocate in Southern California with a focus on whole-person care. She has developed a program to provide healing for those affected by trauma.

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BKTYS Live Workshop

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