Be Kind To Yourself Online Course

Self Care Practices to Avoid Compassion Fatigue

Our "Be Kind to Yourself" Online Course walks you through several modules to learn the core reasoning of compassion fatigue, identify signs of burnout, and create an action plan to help combat future moments of stress.

What causes Compassion Fatigue?

Compassion fatigue is a type of emotional and physical exhaustion that can occur in people who work in high-stress or caring professions, such as healthcare, social work, and teaching. It can also occur in people who are caring for a loved one with a chronic illness or disability.
Difficulty with Self Care
When you spend most of your time taking care of others, prioritizing your own self care can be extremely difficult.
High Stress/Care Job
Teachers, social workers, nurses and any one else who is in a high stress or high care job is at risk of developing compassion fatigue.
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Work Life Imbalance
For some of us, the work doesn't stop just because we clocked out. The lack of work life balance can seriously harm our mental health.
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Lack of Support/Resources
It's important to have a supportive network of people to turn to. A lack of resources and support can make you feel like you're the only one feeling this way.
Be Kind To Yourself Online Course: Self Care Practices to Avoid Compassion Fatigue
This course walks you through an interactive experience with video modules, worksheets and valuable research conducted on the affects of trauma and our minds.

Some topics covered include the following:
How do burnout and toxic stress appear in our daily lives?
Introduction to ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experience) study
Learning your limit and preventing burnout for the future
Discover causes, symptoms, and treatments of Compassion Fatigue
Seeking support from colleagues, supervisors, and other resources
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Renae M. Dupuis
Director of Healthy Humans
Renae M. Dupuis is a highly qualified expert in the field of trauma. With years of experience as a teacher, speaker, writer, and as an adoptive parent of two children with complex developmental trauma, she has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in this area.
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Increased Irritability
burnout symbol, lack of motivation
Difficulty with responsibilities
burnout symbol, lack of focus
Decreased concentration
burnout symbol, icon for numbness
Feeling numb or detached
burnout symbol, image of thundering
Intense thoughts about others
burnout symbol, image of food items to represent over eating
Changes in eating — more or less
burnout symbol, image of overindulging
Increased use of stimulants
burnout symbol, lack of sleep
Sleeping Problems

Tailored with YOU in mind

These chapters are designed to guide YOU in creating your own pathway. These courses are self-paced and cover a variety of topics that are commonly discussed through high stress and high care professions.

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Self-Paced Journey

This journey can be completed in approximately 1-hour or 1 year! It's completely up to you and your pace. Our learning platform saves your progress and allows you to jump between modules.

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Accessible on the GO! 

This course is available to take on desktop or mobile through the Kajabi App. So wether you're on your lunch, waiting for your doctor appointment, or getting ready for bed - this is a great way to grow your mind through healthier practices.

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Community of Peers

The course includes opportunities for group discussion and connection with other professionals facing similar challenges, so you can gain support and encouragement from your peers.

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Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
What will I learn in this course?
In this course you'll get the opportunity to learn about the causes of compassion fatigue, the symptoms and causes of burnout, an introduction to ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and an action plan to move forward with.
How is the course structured?
Through the Kajabi platform - we have created a learning platform with each course containing a variety of video lectures, group discussion and individual reflection.
What format is the course delivered in?
The course format is available online at a self-paced schedule. You will need access to internet and either a phone, computer or tablet. If you are interested in bringing this practice your workforce, please see here for booking arrangements.
How much time should I expect to commit to this course?
The course duration could vary depending on the user, but generally this course can be completed in approximately 1 hour.
Is your "Be Kind to Yourself" Online Course a substitute for professional advice?
This is NOT a substitute for professional advice, and you should consult a healthcare professional if you are experiencing burnout or compassion fatigue.
Can I connect with other professionals during the course?
Yes, one of the benefits of the course is the opportunity to connect with other professionals facing similar challenges, and to gain the support and encouragement you need to take care of yourself while you continue to take care of others.

Our goal is to ensure you these values during this journey.

Once purchased, the material can be accessed at any time - long after the course is complete.
This course has been conducted and researched by a team of Trauma-Informed experts.
You may choose to omit any confidential information upon completion of purchase. We do not store or sell information.
You have full access to support from the Healthy Humans team at any time during or after the completion of this course.

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Don't let burnout interfere with your life. Get a hold on it today and see the positive effects you can gain from awareness and practices.

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