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Invest in your self-care with our specially designed wellness courses taught by instructor Renae M. Dupuis.
Be Kind to Yourself: Avoiding Compassion Fatigue
1-2 Hours

Experiencing burnout at your job? Learn more about compassion fatigue and how you can combat it.

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Wellness Microjourney
~20 mins

Ready to kickstart your wellness journey but not sure where to start? Take this FREE wellness journey to get started!

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Be Kind to Yourself Live Workshop
$1200 starting
1-2 Hours

Re-engage your employees through practices to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout.

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Renae M. Dupuis
Director of Healthy Humans
Renae Dupuis is a teacher and advocate in Southern California with a focus on whole-person care. She has developed a program to provide healing for those affected by trauma.

Not sure why you're feeling this way?

You may be going through burnout. Learn more about the symptoms of burnout....
burnout, toxic stress icon
Increased Irritability
burnout symbol, lack of motivation
Difficulty with responsibilities
burnout symbol, lack of focus
Decreased concentration
burnout symbol, icon for numbness
Feeling numb or detached
burnout symbol, image of thundering
Intense thoughts about others
burnout symbol, image of food items to represent over eating
Changes in eating — more or less
burnout symbol, image of overindulging
Increased use of
burnout symbol, lack of sleep
Sleeping Problems

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